Tampa General Opens Clinic Exclusive for Older Adults

Tampa (Fla.) General Hospital unveiled a new clinic exclusively for patients 65 and older called TGH Senior Center.  

The facility offers “extended visits with primary care physicians, same-day referrals for specialists [and] decreased wait times,” the hospital said in a March 26 news release. Greenbrook Medical, a senior-focused physician group, partnered with TGH to establish the center, which is in Riverview, Fla. 

“Healthcare needs to change as we age, which is why the TGH Senior Center, a facility designed exclusively for this population, is such an important step in the continuum of care,” Karna Patel, MD, vice president of Tampa General Medical Group, said in the release. 

The center also provides specialized care through diagnostic testing and lab services for skin biopsies and joint injections. 

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